Everybody deserves to win

You feel the speed of change. It doesn’t frighten you, it motivates you. You are seeking for innovation, but you get stuck in daily matters.

You are sick of buzzwords and rather see your company buzz. Fear preachers have no effect on you. You rather want to get practical, but lack of ownership haunts you.

Piëzo - strategy in motion
Teaming up

Probably you feel it’s time for a sparring partner. A power injection for running the extra mile. People call me a change agent. A data whisperer with a clear vision.

 I believe that the magic only happens through real collaboration, #togetherness.

Walk the walk is my credo, effective change is my guarantee.

Getting in the mud

The fast changing media & technology scene is my domain. A broad expertise is my claim. Business strategy and innovation is what I do. A future proof company is what I leave you with.

No big theories nor sterile conversations. But a real life tested working method. Where only results count.

Let’s set tomorrow’s priorities today!

20 years of senior management

The 3 conditions for effective change

We all know the evolution theory of Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the most adaptable!” So why are people so reluctant to change?

Data driven marketing kills marketing

At least, marketing as we knew it. What formerly was known as research has now been baptized into insights, data science or even consumer science. All synonyms? Well, not quite.

Why is innovation so damn difficult?

Why do traditional companies fail where disruptors succeed? The magical recipe : “intangible assets with the internet as perfect distribution channel in a hyper connected world through technology”. The best

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